La Vie De Roos | ♡♡♡The Love bridge ♡♡♡
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♡♡♡The Love bridge ♡♡♡

When in Paris right;)
This is where you can see if your boyfriend REAAAALLY loves you… Because than you make the love last 4ever with a lock on the love bridge… Ohhh myyy godddd so ROMANTIC
Well You should definitely go there from in opinion, because it looks really cool, there are so many locks people can’t put new locks on that bridges because they are so full!! Crazy love people right;).
My favorite is this bridge ; pont de l’archevêché. You can have a perfect day here if you start at my favorite patisserie Odette have a cappuccino with a “choux avec creme ” (chocolate my FAVOURITE flavor) than you sit in front with a beautiful view of the Nortre Dame(see my post about them) after your coffee break you walk straight to the Notre Dame. You can clime the tower if you want, which I would only recommend in the summer. Afterwards you walk straight on to the love bridge. With the Norte dame on you left hand and the seine on your right.
And when your done- and your boy/girlfriend has passed the test- you can celebrate your love with glass of wine at rue de buci which is pretty close ! You can check out my post saint Germain about this street!

Kiss kiss


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