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Saint Germain

I want to give you guys some tips about the 6th arrondissement, which is called Saint Germain.

They say Saint Germain, is the place where all the artists hang out. Probably if you have heared something about Paris you already know about the famous café there, café Flore, 172 Boulevard St. Germain.

Don’t make the mistake like I did and go there for dinner. That’s not their specialty, but you should go there to take a coffee, brunch, lunch or just a drink.

One of my other favourite places in the area is Rue de Buci- it’s super cool. Here you should go for drinks. This whole street is real cool. One place it’s super cosy in the evening, with a lot of heaters outside. It’s called Les Etages. The chairs and tables are really French, so for me (1.80cm) it was a tight squeeze. (see the pictures)

Still it’s real nice to sit outside, and order a nice red wine. My friend and me made a basic mistake on our first night. When we ordered a red wine the waitress said a name of one, and I just thought yes that’s fine. OF COURSE she took the most expensive one, so then we had to pay 8 euro’s for one glass of wine, while there was also one for 4 euros, which is a good wine as well. I can also recommend ordering the cheese plate, or mixed plate SUPER GOOD. If you’re going to Paris this weekend to run the semi-marathon and you don’t feel like drinking alcohol, but do feel like going somewhere I can really recommend this place!! Especially because they also have a special non-alcohol cocktail with the Happy Hour( 18.00-19.30) thaaaa DETOX drink;)!

Another place I love in this street is called Café du Marche. This is great for drinks as well. But in the winter this is still a bit cold to sit outside. But French still sit outside in the winter. I’ll wait till it gets a bit warmer. Sundays it’s always really busy and fun with a lot of people.

Then at day time, I can recommend my FAVO patisserie; The Smiths. They have to many delicious sweetness. Last time I went there I had the best éclair EVER. And then after my eclair, they gave me their specialty.. It’s the big round waffle on the picture. It’s SUPER good !!

Another place I recommend in this area. It’s a restaurant called La Jacobine, 59 Rue Saint-André des Arts. Super nice to go for lunch or diner. It’s close to Rue de Buci in small street which is super adorable. It’s a picturesque arcade. I love this restaurant, which is also great place for lunch. And I LOVE their desserts, don’t skip these especially the café gourmand. Then you get 2 macarons and a piece of cake!

Then my last tip for now is also near Rue de Buci. If you’ve been partying and you feel drunk but OH SO HUNGRY, I can recommend you this: take a cab let the cab drop you at 52 Rue Dauphine : Café le Buci.

I went there this weekend on Friday, my friend and I were drunk and needed food at 5.45 in the morning. We went to Café le Buci and ordered a Croque monsieur (this looks like a toastie with French fries) and just asked for a Caraf d’eau. BEST MEAL EVER. Probably also because I was drunk. 😉 (got the special picture added to the collection;)!

It’s real good in Paris that you can always ask for a caraf d’eau and then you get this for free, so you don’t have to order drinks if you don’t feel like drinking something special and you just want some water, this is perfectly normal in Paris.

Have fun with the tips and tricks;)



  • Alexa M Johnson
    Posted at 00:21h, 05 March Reply

    I can’t wait until I go to Paris in June I’ll definitely try these places out! Could you suggest more?? Also where are the best places to shop.??My email is below


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