La Vie De Roos | The Bon Marché
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The Bon Marché

This is a big Parisian clothing and food department store. I was with my cousin, and we had so much fun there.

It’s in Saint Germain. If you take the metro the stop is at Sèvres-Babylon.

It’s absolutely HUGE. There are two buildings, the first one is with all the clothes, perfume and shoes- all the big brands. Then if you walk a little bit further you see the food department store. I’m especially a big fan of the food department. 😉

Everywhere you walk you smell the most amazing mixture of food, so don’t eat before and try some of the good stuff there!!


Jacket – Carlala Fashion , T-shirt – Petit Bateau, Jeans – Levis NL, Sneakers – Adidas

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