La Vie De Roos | Summer in Paris
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Summer in Paris

SO it’s getting warmer, and we finally can leave our winter jacket home. So I can just wear my new summer jacket:):) The first day of spring gives me the best feeling. I love the smell of the new fresh flowers… Although it was pretty hard to smell it over the last days in Paris, given the extreme air pollution. But still, when I went to Parc Luxembourg the smell of the flowers and the beautiful sound of  singing birds makes me so happy. I think my Parisian adventure is going to get better and better now the sun is out. The song that always pops into my head at that moment is; “ It’s so lovely, when it’s sunny”. It’s sooooso true, people get really happy. The vitamin D GIVES US ENERGY.

I’m born in the summer, maybe that’s part of why I love it so much… I’m  always happier when it’s summer. And in Paris the people sit at the Seine with their bottles of wine and une baguette, c’est super!! Also “Paris Plage” is coming soon.. Yes Yess it’s a beach in Paris……! So cool right.

Some new places  opened  up a few week ago aswell, since  it’s  so sunny. They are only open in the summer. You have the boat; Concrete. This is a boat where  a lot of party’s take place. They are also open in the winter , but during the summer it’s even cooler! They create a sort of festival atmosphere in an area in front of the boat. It’s open all day on sunday. They play house music and it really gives you the festival vibe!

Another place is Nuba, this is on the top of a boat, it’s a bit expensive so better arrive a typsy ;)! They also have a restaurant, which is awesome because you sit on top of the boat and you have a great view over the Seine!! Just as Concrete; every sunday it’s party day. Maybe that’s why french always say: Un Dimanche à Paris…. So the Sundays are REAL FUN.

Besides these two clubs, a lot more start to open their doors alongside the Seine. So if you stroll along the Seine, you should definately go to one of those new cool places!!

THE SUMMER IS MAGIC (yes another song, I told Ya I’m a summerbabe;))



“Lammy jacket -Vintage, Jacket & Wallet– Scotch and Soda , Pants – Dr. Denim, Boots – Karma of Charme, Hat – Carlala Fashion, Sweater – Zara, Necklace – See Me & Necklace – Fendi”

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