La Vie De Roos | Where to stay in Paris
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Where to stay in Paris

Hello you,

Since Paris is pretty big and if you don’t live here it’s difficult to know where you need to find your; hotel hostel/air bnb. I thought I’d post about where to stay in paris

I always find it really hard to find accommodation when you want to book a citytrip. I’ll give you my advice….!

The first one is; try to find a Air BNB. Because (sometimes) it’s cheaper and, you will feel like a Parisienne for the couple of days you’ve planned to stay.

Then you need to know where to stay. Making this decision is very different to when your really living in Paris for a long time.

For a weekend in Paris my TOP 3;

  1. Le marais (3th arrondissement)
  2. Saint Germain (6th arrondissement)
  3. 11th arrondissement next to le marais

It’s hard to decide between the first and the second, because those two are my favorite places. But maybe le marais is even better because you have so many things in le marais. “Shopping-bars-restaurants-market-second hand stores”. Saint germain is a little bit more expansive. But you need to visit this arrondissement for SURE.

The good thing about finding yourself a really nice apartment instead of a hotel, is that you will feel like you really live in the city for a weekend. You can save some extra money for shopping-drinking-eating by buying some stuff in the supermarket. Like breakfast or you can buy a bottle of rosé some french fromage and put it in your fridge and after a long day of walking through paris you just stop at a Boulangerie for some FRESH FRENCH bread. Then you can RELAX for a moment in your own place before heading up to the restaurant. Leave the house like the Parisians around 21h00 to have dinner at 21h30.

The dutchies aren’t used to this because we normally eat at 19h00, so this is also why you could better have your own place:P;)


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