La Vie De Roos | 21 days no alcohol no sugar
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21 days no alcohol no sugar

Let me start by explaining why I did this- everyone has been asking me WHY???

Well, I’ve got a passion for food and I love getting to know everything about food and health. This started when I was a teenager. I grow up in a family where we LOVE FOOD. In every corner of our kitchen you could find something sweet to eat. My mom is also a real foodie, but we both have a sweet tooth. So most of the time we eat healthy food- but at the same time we LOVE eating cakes, cookies, candy and last but not least CHOCOLATE. There’s was nothing I loved more growing up, and still now, than a cup of tea made even more cosy with chocolate.

And I still feel the same but I also became very interested in everything about food and health. When I was a teenager and I saw I couldn’t just eat everything anymore without gaining weight. So I started looking what I was eating and I got more and more interested in food. I started reading books about food and what you can change in your life by changing your lifestyle, what food does to your skin, your energy, your body and mood. I learned about food and hormones.

I learned a lot and tried a lot- eating healthy, eating raw. But like I said, I have a sweet taste and I’m a human. I still have the mind-set that it is cosy to drink coffee with something or to have a glass of wine with cheese and chips. But you can change a lot by making healthier choices.

I like these things too much at same time. And then I want to enjoy it. BUT I think it is very good for people to look after your body and getting to know more about all these things.

Well to be honest, I had a really big hangover the 20th of September. The party was great and the alcohol tasted a bit toooooo good that night.

So that Sunday was AWFUL my head hurt so much. I was dizzy and never felt as bad so bad before. I went to the beach with my mom and step-dad. They were reading so I took a newspaper and tried to read easy columns. Then my eyes found one with the title “21 days no alcohol no sugar”. This OBVIOUSLY grabbed my attention since right then I could only think I NEVER WANNA DRINK ANYMORE.

I thought YEAH, this is something I always wanted to do. I thought there is never a better moment. So I’m just going to see this as my new challenge.

It’s funny what kind of questions I got while I was doing this challenge. If you are in company of others, it’s strange if you don’t drink. Why would people bother? That’s a question I now find easy to answer. Because I still went to party’s and I still had fun. I didn’t need alcohol or sugar. So it makes them think: “why am I drinking?”. The funny thing I saw was that it changed other people’s minds too… Instead of saying it’s stupid, I saw others waking up and many people told me; “I’m going to do the same.”

I can only support others! DO IT after reading my post. It’s worth it! Not only for feeling better but also to get to know what you eat. It’s so easy to buy things and not think of the things where it’s made of. Just try to eat without sugar, I can tell you it is VERY difficult.

When I started, the first and days were the most difficult, because you need to be strong. The moment that you just start, it’s still very easy to break it and say: oops, I had a peace of chocolate well I’m NOT gonna do this. “

How to make it easier for yourself? Every person is different, but for me it worked to put it on social media and to tell people around me I stopped eating sugar. It’s a social pressure which works for me and also people first try to change your mind, but then get respect and get very curious.

Well my second day was immediately a difficult one. At the moment I have an internship at IDTV. This is the thing at TV production companies: there is food EVERYWHERE.


I mean ALL the food you want to buy when your having your period.

ALL kind of chocolates; pure, white, brown, bounty, mars, EVERYTHING.

ALL different kind of cookies.

ALL kind of chips, nuts, have a company where we have so many bad things, you CAN’T imagine.


It’s too difficult too write this down because It won’t stop, the food is everywhere and If you have a sweet tooth like me this is HEAVEN and HELL at the same time.

Before I started this challenge I also tried not to eat all these sweets. But there comes a moment in the day that you feel tired and then you fail and start and because the food companies have put so many bad E-numbers in it, you will not stop eating it.

The challenge made me strong and I stayed motivated with healthy snacks. I had a lot of nuts and fruit. But no real sweets. I felt so good, and I saw all the others eating all these sweets, and the funny thing they NEVER FELT AS GOOD AS ME after eating it.

Well I need to say, I didn’t eat no sugar at all. I sometimes did have ready-made stuff like a sauce or hummus. I tried to make the better choices, but I couldn’t make it with not eating all these things. I had bread and cheese sometimes. My first days I felt tired, a little bit grumpy. After one week I felt a lot better, happier and excited of doing the challenge. The second week it got harder with the alcohol- people tried to make me drink. But I didn’t, I only had sparkling water.

Last week I felt good and I actually had the thought of continuing another week. But since I promised my boyfriend that we would celebrate at Mossels & Gin, I thought okay, tonight I celebrate and I will continue the day after. This is what I did. I’ve added another thing: NO COFFEE.

But that week I couldn’t stay strong. Since I will do an DETOXING cure at DR. Blend I wanted continue next week.  I still quit most of the sugars, except for some days I had a sugar attack. Tried to take less but in the weekend I did PARTY. But I will prepare for a DETOX cure. So no sugar, no alcohol, no meat, no coffee. Only raw food for three days to prepare for my detox. Wish me luck!

I highly recommend no alcohol and no sugar, 21 days isn’t that long. My skin got a lot better and I felt SUPER good, of course it would be even better to not eat sugar at all. But I find that way too hard.. But give it a try, it’s totally worth it and whats 21 days in a life time?!





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