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Detox Cleanse – DR. Blend

So let me tell you about my detox cleanse..

It is kind of hot and happening at the moment so I was pretty curious about doing a detoxification.

My theory about starting a detox cleanse; it is a good thing to see and feel what happens in your body when getting rid of toxicants etc. Nowadays a lot of girls want to start detoxing to loose weight in a short period of time. That is not a good reason because you might loose 4 kilos but you will gain more even faster. Nevertheless, detoxing makes you more conscious about your body’s health so it might still help you lose weight eventually. The reason to start a detox is to get to know how your body reacts on what you eat and see that you can survive with less food than you are used to, if all the nutrition’s fit in a couple of bottles.

Monday morning I went to Dr.Blend to get my liquid meals. When I entered the shop they were still busy making them, good sign: VERY FRESH. You only get three bottles for the WHOLE day. My first thought: how will I make it through this cleanse?? The first thing I noticed; the shakes for the morning and evening were thin and the afternoon shake is thicker. I would think that you need a thick one in the morning and afternoon and a thin one in the evening, but guess not;). I’d got a tip don’t drink them at once, so I divided each shakes in two times, sometimes three times, and drank a lot of water and tea during the day. You are allowed to only drink water or tea. My first day went by faster and easier than I thought it would. I kept myself very busy because I did not want to think about food all day, that is what I usually do. During the day I had a lot of energy but in the end of the day I started getting tired. I went to my boyfriends place. Here my weak moments started to come. My boyfriend still had to eat so we went to a place near him where they make soups for take away. It is one of my favourite places. WEAK MOMENT. I smelt all the different dishes, salads and soups. He picked one of my favo’s; spicy spinach coconut OMG SMELT SO GOOD. I watched him mouth watering enjoying his soup and I could only think, can I please sleep NOW? I don’t want to stay awake any longer, I wanted this day to be over. We went to bed to watch a movie, but after 10 minutes I fell a sleep. I did sleep weird, woke up a lot of times to pee. Also I only dreamt about the shakes.

The next day, I woke up happy but hungry. I needed some energy so I immediately left the house. At 9.30 I arrived at Dr. Blend to get my freshly made shakes. I watched closely how they mad them and it looked very YUMMY. That’s what I like most about Dr. Blend, they make the shakes right there in front of you and it’s all healthy and looks great.

I asked the owner of Dr. Blend (his name is Jamal) about the detoxing. Jamal said: ‘I don’t promote detox cures, you shouldn’t need to do this, your body only needs this if you do not live healthy enough. So make it a habitude to be healthy. Eat proper food, don’t drink too many cups of coffe, prepare your own healthy, organic meals. Then, you won’t need a detoxing cure.

I totally agree with Jamal. However, sometimes it is easier to talk the talk than to walk the walk. I love to stay healthy but sometimes it’s just to yammie to eat sugar, drink coffee and smoke a cigarette. While doing this detox cure I thought about everything I wanted to eat after curing.  I fantasized about the banana cake I made later, about my new favourite spelt crackers, about the chocolate gingerbread (pepernoten), about all the tapas I would eat in Barcelona and also about a cup of coffee. But I think you should find a healthy way to live that suits you, with some healthy treats here and there. Like, my home made banana bread without sugar. (I will post my recipe soon)

All right, to prepare yourself for the detox cure you should try not to eat sugar and drink coffee and alcohol three days before you start. Since I’m writing my thesis and this takes a lot of concentration I only managed not drinking coffee for two days before my cure started.

I can say detoxing isn’t that hard. My skin looks really good and I feel full of energy and super happy… So If you ask me, I’d definitely recommend detoxing. Maybe after doing this helps you quit smoking or quit eating sugar. However, in the end it’s not about a cure of three days. It’s a daily thing, if you take a cure of three days and the day after you continue eating a cake and French fries the cure doesn’t really help that much. See it as a good start for a healthier life.

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