La Vie De Roos | Find out why the Eiffel Tower and 7th arrondissement remains a must SEE
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Find out why the Eiffel Tower and 7th arrondissement remains a must SEE

Because I live in Paris you might think I would get enough of this crazy Eiffel Tower. The Parisians hate it; they say it’s the ugliest thing in Paris….

I’m a Parisienne-in-training, so maybe in the end when I’m a true Parisian I’ll think the same. For now though I still LOVE it.

I just get a super big smile on my face when I see it, and even, I’ll admit I get some butterflies in my stomach… Whenever I miss my boyfriend here in Paris, I just have to take the metro and look at the Eiffel Tower and I feel fine again. 😉

Such a cheese-ball, I know. 😉 Ok that’s not true. But in this way you can say I’m not yet a Parisienne AT ALL.

I’m not the only one as it’s THE most visited landmark in Paris.

It’s funny the feeling you get by seeing those touristic things that’s visited by SO many people every day, that it can still mean something to you.

I learnt from my university study about this feeling people get by seeing things in real life they only know from movies/pictures. When you see those places/buildings for the first time in real life you get the feeling you already know it because you saw it in so many things (movies/photos/etc).
In my study we talked about this in relation to New York, that when you visit New York for the first time you can walk at places which you recognise there are so many movies set in New York you feel like you know it without having been there before. Well, I think that’s the thing with the Eiffel Tower too.

It’s the thing you always see when you see something of Paris in movies and on postcards and t-shirts. As soon as you see the Eiffel Tower, you think “that’s Paris”!

But the funny thing is that when people visit me, I’m the one who is still pressing the question; shall we go to the Eiffel Tower??? And the others always look a bit like; ” do we have to?????”

People think it’s boring and they say to me they’ve already seen it once and it’s boring in that area…. WELL I think this mindset I can change!! I have the best touristic tour you REALLY SHOULD DO.

Ok, just listen.

You take the metro; get out at “Ecole militaire” then you walk from there to the Eiffel Tower. At the street ‘Place Joffre’ (ask someone if you don’t know which direction) you arrive at the far end of the Champ de Mars like you see on my picture. Then you walk to the tower. Take a bunch of pictures/selfies and whatever you feel like doing.

Walk underneath it and walk through across the road.

There are some guys walking around with a Polaroid camera, which is a nice idea because with your phone you have to ask someone if you don’t have a selfie stick and you take 1000 selfies but you can never choose the best- spoken from personal experience.

So I’m totally pro –Polaroid. I think it’s worth the money, a picture is always worth €5 because it’s a memory!!

Ok then when you walk towards the Seine you have the first carousel before it where you can take a nice pic with Eiffel Tower and carousel. Then there is another carousel if you keep on going straight.

Then you walk through to Trocadero (big monument) where you see again 1000s of people taking a lot of pictures. You can take more there with the full Eiffel Tower.

And then you can be sure you have 1 good picture ;). But this touristic tour hasn’t ended yet. You see the roundabout, here is a real famous coffee bar, it’s written in a lot of tour guides. But probable because of that, they make the prices unaffordable (€12 for a cappuccino). So you can better get yourself together for a moment and take the street on your right ‘Avenue Kléber’. In this street you will pass by a lot of bars to take a coffee and a crepe or something. And then it’s I think a 15 minute walk……. Then you arrive at: the Champs-Élysées!!!

You arrive at the roundabout- FUN FACT: this is the famous roundabout with the most traffic problems in the world!!! And they have a special rule if you bump into someone, it doesn’t matter which person is guilty; you both pay!!!

Here if you go to the right there is a famous shopping street- GO SHOPPING.

For the perfect touristic day it’s best to do this tour in the morning so you can miss all the crowds in this touristic part of Paris. When you’re done you’re near the 6th arrondissement, so you can go to my Saint Germain page for tips and tricks to continue with the day. You can get a nice lunch/drink/croissant in Saint Germain and then you can visit the Notre Dame and the Love Bridge. Or just stay in Saint Germain for happy hour ;).


Maybe I will get enough of the Eiffel Tower after some more months. But in the meantime I’m having an affair with that thing. It’s my new love.



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