La Vie De Roos | My bike in Paris – Lekkerbike
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My bike in Paris – Lekkerbike

Although I’m trying to look like a real Parisienne, I couldn’t say goodbye to my Dutch bike! This type of bike is called “lekker” which means HOT!!

So I always feel very hot, hip and happening when I’m on my bike;)

It’s funny the way people react to me riding this bike in Paris. Probably because in Paris people aren’t that used to people riding a bike. Especially not when it’s a pink one with roses;)!

Although I see a lot more French people using the bikes since the weather got nicer, most of the time they use the Velibs. These are the bikes you can rent with a day/week/month/year pass. You can take a bike and ride to a place and park the bike at another velib station.

For a Dutchie riding a bike is the best and most common way to get around a city. We feel super safe, but in Paris people don’t feel the same. At the beginning French people all gave me the same advice to NOT GO ON A BIKE. You also see the people with helmets and fluorescent jackets. I’m lucky that my bike attractsa lot of attention with the pink colour. But you should be careful when biking in Paris.

Take my advice; be very careful with the one-way streets in Paris and MAKE SURE you are going the same direction as the cars. BELIEVE ME- otherwise people will get hurt or you will definetly meet the grumpiest angriest parisians.

Just follow the rules and be careful- like don’t bike next to your friend holding each others hands but go in single file. Then you can be a happy biker in Paris like me 😉



“Scandals- Birkenstocks , Sunglasses – Saint Laurent, Necklace =See Me: – Carlala Fashion  Top – Brandy & Melville, Bag- Ecoté, Bike – Lekker Bikes

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