La Vie De Roos | My favorite FOOD places in Canggu
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My favorite FOOD places in Canggu

Canggu : Batu Balong area

1. Shady shack – breakfast / lunch /diner
Vegan healthy
Favo: smoothies: Start up: coffee, cashewbutter really heavy though.
Favo food:
-smoothie bowl – 1. Greenpeace & 2. Berry bowl
– Salad bowls- 1. Tempé bowl , 2 haloumi bowl, 3 summersalad, 4 Nori Bowl,
– pillowtalk: amazing gnocchi made from sweet potato
-lasagne is very healthy but super greaaaat
-avocado toast always delicious
-ALL the desserts are toooo good to be true. Look inside and don’t forget to take one. I love the carrot cake, the apple pie – not sure whats the name but it comes with coconutcream and they serve it hot.
– the BEST coconut cappuccino!!

2. Crate cafe – breakfast / lunch or brunch
Best food – good price – also this place is great for girls and boys. Some of the healthy places are a bit tooooo healthy for the boys. Here you know you both have enough choices, healthy and good hangover food

In for sweet? Take one of their the chiaseed smoothiebowls
-Veta, its a wrap, vegan burger, vegan nachos, melville, all the chiaseeds are amazing
-if you’re very thirsty share the dragonfruit big Bucket! Or fresh coconut. Otherwise take one of their smoothies so goood.

3. Samadi – breakfast / lunch /diner + YOGA
In love with this place, super delicious healthy food. Amazing coffee and yoga. Also there is a market every Sunday morning from 10.00am-2.00pm. I loved to come on Sunday, participate a yoga class and after my yoga class enjoy the breakfast and the market.My favorite food:
-Breakfast bowl: Berry bowl is great
-Indian dishes also very yummy!!
-falafel salad bowl super big and delicious
-avocado on toast always good
Cappuccino coconut milk is the best here(L)

4. The Chillhouse / Cassava – breakfast / lunch + YOGA + Sleep
Like the name already says: this is a very chilled place…:P Beautiful swimming pool, delicious healthy food. Also you can join their yoga classes every day, morning 8.30 and afternoon 4.00pm. Next to this you can stay here in the beautiful rooms in the garden. My favorite food:
-Flaxseed porridge: Berry bowl is great
-Banana nacho’s also super delicious and special !!
-Coconut yoghurt with fresh fruit delicious bowl
-avocado on toast YUM
Cappuccino & Chai Tea very very delicious(L)


5. Motion Cafe: breakfast / lunch /diner
You will fall in love with the way this place looks. It’s at the Batu Balong street but a bit hidden because the tables are surrounded by cute trees, which makes this cafe look very romantic. Again a lot of delicious healthy food, but also good food for boys with a lot of protein. Again one of my favorite places because of the amazing coffee and smoothie bowls. My favorite food:
-Breakfast bowl: is so yum they add chiapudding on it, so super yummy
-ChiaPudding toooo goood, it’s a lot of chiapudding but delicious!!
-Healthy salads also delicious
Cappuccino coconut milk is the best here, banana bread I also really LOVED(L)


6. Cafe Organic: breakfast / lunch
I would recommend this place more for girls… Maybe because you almost only see girls in this place;) A lot of delicious healthy girlfood.
-Delicious smoothie bowls , I really their acai
– Avocado on toast
– If you feel more hungry their wrap tasted good
– For the rest the cappuccinos coconut are DELICIOUS here, especially when you take them with a yummy dessert:P


7. Vida cafe – breakfast/lunch/diner
This place has great healthy food, but also good burgers and wine- so vegan and not vegan
For me they have the best salads: Healthy bowl & Summer salad: MY FAV
-Salads yum
– taco’s delicious
– wraps super good
-spring rolls yum
– DESSERTS the besssst
– yummy coffee and also weird thee drinks like pink cappuccino


8. The loft – breakfast / lunch / diner
All healthy- very good food and nice to sit outside
– delicious breakfast bowls
– good salads
– yummy desserts: orea cheesecake
-yummy coffee


9. Betelnut: diner
Healthy food this place was one of the first Hipsterbars in Canggu- and still its very good and cozy, I love this one in the evening
– Great bowls, wraps, DESSERTS: all the cheesecakes make you feel like you’re in HEAVEN


Canggu area: Berawa

10. Bali and smoothie bowls – breakfast / lunch /diner

Such a cute little white place, with delicious smoothiebowls. I did not try the pokebowls, but they looked delicious too. For me this is a great place for breakfast/lunch/brunch. I had the ‘eatpraylove bowl’ and also the berry and dragonfruit bowl. They were all very very delicous. So just try what you feel like the most;P t


11. Pelaton: breakfast /lunch/diner
Beautiful to sit upstairs.
-Amazing smoothie bowls
– amazing avocado toast
– amazing taco’s
-Amazing salads
If you’re lucky the cappuccino is delicious;) normally the best, i just had 1 bad experience !

12. Satu Satu– breakfast/lunch
GOOD coffee, super relaxt location also if you want to work a bit. This place is a nice chilled place to have a coffee breakfast and work a bit. beautiful place good food – healthy and also meat
-Rainbow smoothie bowl very good, Cappuccinos: Yumyum so goood

13. Matcha Bali – breakfast/lunch
Special matcha place , delicious sugar Free food. Very healthy! If you like matcha definaty go here.
-matcha drink very yum
-yummy smoothie bowls
-dessert: the little cupcakes and best tiramisu

14. Two Trees Eatery – breakfast /lunch/diner
Super healthy food and also good other stuff, but these salads are SO healthy like a booster
-Salads: Falafel amazing and Pharmacy YUM
– Desserts also super yummy
– in love with the smoothies
– cappuccino’s are also delicious


LOCAL FOOD – Padang Warung
The Padang Warung are the places where you can see the different food dishes behind glass and pick what you want . It’s soooo yummy

1. Bu-Mi – lunch and especially diner
This place is very popular and delicious . My absolute favorite Warung. Tempe is toooogood, the spicy egg, the tofu, crispy sweet Tempe. Ask for pindasause and spicy sause
—> drink take JAMU! The turmeric drink super local, super healthy, super yum!

2. Varuna Warung – lunch / diner
Another delicious Warung same, this is nice cause you can sit outside
-just pick your food and enjoyyyy

3. Oma Jamu– vegan healthy local food without MSG.
-breakfast – lunch-
A lot of the local food has msg, oma jamu doesn’t so healthier and still tasty.

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