La Vie De Roos | Paris and the mini cars
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Paris and the mini cars

Hey there,

I have a crush for small cars and guess what ….. Paris has A LOT OF THEM!!! J Which makes me a very happy person 😉

It has always been a dream of mine to drive in a car like this. Unfortunately I can’t afford one. If I can I still don’t know if I would, cause driving in this car does give me a scary feeling.. Not because of his looks obviously. Since it looks so much like a toy car, so cute you want to eat it. But since it looks like a toy car it makes me afraid that therefore it can not stand a little beating. Not that I’m that bad in driving, more for the other bad drivers around me 😉 ;). (I always think I’m a very good driver and when I was young I wanted to be a formule 1 driver, but my boyfriend thinks I’m not that kind of a good driver) LOL;)

Although I’m not driving in that beautiful toy car, Paris has got many people who don’t share this fear with me. Since there are SO MANY of them driving around. Which I don’t mind AT ALL; it makes Paris look even MORE ROMANTIC.

Don’t you have the feeling like you can just pick them up with your hands and put them in your bag and take them with you?! 😉


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