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Parisian transport


I would love to share my experience and tips for the Parisian transport, because I had some struggles in the beginning…!

There two ways I would recommend for getting yourself around in Paris. The first is the metro. It takes a little time to get used to it but once you do it’s the best way, especially in the winter because it’s SO COLD (not that I’m not used to that! In Amsterdam it’s freezing as well).

But the metro is easy, just buy a ticket at the entrance, where you can see all the lines of the metro and figure out which line you need to take. It’s even better to get a daily or weekly metro pass: “Carte navigo”, it’s €5 and you can choose if you want to buy credits for a day/week/month it’s almost guaranteed to be a better deal than buying individual tickets. In the evening I don’t like taking the metro when I’m alone, because sometimes it can be a little bit creepy, especially if you’re not familiar with Paris. Then it’s better to take a cab. Now that I’m talking about, after twelve o’clock ALWAYS take a cab if you’re alone. But if you’re with a group you can just take the metro.

During the day I like the metro a lot. I already said there are a lot of musicians in Paris, and in winter they play down in the metro stations!! <3

For the metro the best thing to do is to buy a lot of tickets at once, because you probably will use the metro more than once a day.

If you’re too lazy to look at the map of the metro or find it too confusing, and you just want to know the best way and you don’t care if this will be a metro, bus or RER then I have got another good tip for you, download the app RATP, and search the best road before you leave your apartment/hotel with wifi. This is an application like Google Maps, where you can put your address and put the place you want to go to. RATP tells you which transport you need to take.

My second best way to move yourself is the Velip, this is a bicycle you can rent. I prefer to do this in the summer, because it’s too cold in the winter. You buy a ticket (for example for 3 days) then you put the number of your ticket in the machine and you can choose a bicycle. Always look at the bicycles before you put the number in, because sometimes the bicycle is crap. Check the wheels and seat first and see if it’s a good one. Then put in the number. Make sure you bring the bicycle back in 30 minutes as after first 30 minutes you have to pay. But if you’re careful then it’s free! You can download the Velip app as well. This is really handy, because this tells you where you can find places nearby to bring back your bike. But be REALLY CAREFUL especially if you want to use this in the winter because the drivers in Paris aren’t used to people on a bicycle like they are in Amsterdam!

Since this weekend I’ve got my own bike in Paris… Can’t wait to share the pictures with you!!!

But this hips, tricks and tips should be really good if you’re in Paris!

Talk to you soon!



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  • Lorène
    Posted at 14:26h, 14 April Reply

    But the best way to discover Paris is.. walking 😉
    Paris is actually super tiny !
    Congrats on your blog, I love it !

    A Parisian girl

    • Laviederoos
      Posted at 15:14h, 22 April Reply

      Yess that’s absolutely true!! But sometimes it’s difficult to find everything if you don’t know the place, or when it’s cold! so than the metro and especially with the application RATP is really easy!!

  • Romy
    Posted at 07:07h, 17 April Reply

    Misschien kijk ik er over heen maar waar is je geweldige broek van?

    • Laviederoos
      Posted at 15:14h, 22 April Reply

      Hi Romy! Als je onder mijn foto’s kijkt dan zie je de merken staan die ik draag en kun je klikken op de link die je naar de site van het merk doorlinkt!! X

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