La Vie De Roos | My favorite Yoga & Detox places in Ubud
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My favorite Yoga & Detox places in Ubud

If you are looking for a moment of relaxation: yoga, healing sessions, massages, tarot-cards, and the most delicious food. Ubud is your place.

For me Ubud is the place to ground myself, I started in Ubud when I arrived in Bali cause I knew I wanted some time for myself, to get close to my feelings and to get some clear thoughts.

That’s why I decided to start in Ubud, to take a week for myself filled with yoga, a detox cleanse and my first tarot cards session(tooo fun to do)

The healing power of Ubud… I don’t know why, but I truly feel Ubud  has something magical. After Ubud I always feel full of new fresh energy. See my tips for detox and yoga in Ubud below.

Where to be for YOGA

Radiantly Alive
This yoga studio will make you fall in love with yoga even more. That’s what happened to me, and after this I did my yoga teacher training with them…!  I absolutely love this school, the feeling of doing a yoga class in the jungle. My absolute favorite classes are the morning RA vinyasa classes. Sometimes people say about yoga that they feel like it’s not a workout, well this class will show you that yoga can be a REAL work-out. The perfect combination of a workout with meditation. So make sure your prepared to sweat;P! If you feel like a slower class, I have more favorites here: you can also go for the morning flow or a yin class.

Next to this they almost open their healthy food café. I can’t wait for this, I already tried some of the food during my teacher training and this was amazing. The studio is close to the center so you can easily find it.

Radiantly Alive 
Weekly schedule

Yoga Barn
Gorgeous place, the location is a bit further out of the center but it’s easy to walk here and worth it! The place is hudge, and so beautiful. I always loved going to the yoga barn for the kundalini classes and for ecstatic dancing. So to shortly explain Kundalini yoga, maybe you know this form of yoga already, if you do and you didn’t like it: give it another try here!! I came back to ubud just for this kundalini class. Kundalini can be teached very extreme, but this is a very fun and super energetic way! It always made me so happy and positive. In these classes you probably won’t sweat cause most of the time it’s more about the breathing. Sometimes they include some dancing. But the feeling and good vibes that you can get from this class are unexplainable. TRY IT!


Next to the kundalini go here for the ecstatic dancing. This is every Friday evening and Sunday morning. Be in time! The tickets will be sold 1 hour before, but they are often sold out. It’s ‘free dancing’, no talking just dancing and feeling free, do whatever you want. AMAZING! You can wear your yoga clothes or dress up, just how you feel! One of my favorites to start your Sunday morning(L)!

Yoga Barn
Weekly schedule

If you are looking for a cleanse – detox:

Yoga Barn – 3 days cleanse
When I arrived in Bali in February I started with a 3day detox cleanse at the yoga barn. I could definitely recommend this cleanse. They give enough juices to keep you fulfilled. Next to this you get a couple of treatments which also keep you busy during the day. You get a sauna treatment everyday, a massage and last but definitely not least…. a colon session!!! So… I did not know what this was and funny enough I just trusted them and did not google this:P I think this was better cause I know I would have NEVER DONE IT. But I’m happy I did. Like always there different thoughts about this: some say its good others say its not. You can only decide this yourself, I believe it’s good. Also I believe the yoga barn is a good place to try this for the first time, since (like they say themselves) they do a gentle form. It’s an experience, but can be really good afterwards:P. (My face when I discovered what a colon session was is the last picture below:|)

Detox Yoga Barn


Wayans Coconut Place
This is a place I discovered through a friend. The juices are cheaper. Super yummy and they can deliver it everyday at your homestay. Next to this it’s easy that you can decide yourself for how long you want to do a detox: you can also decide to do a 1 day cleanse. In this way you don’t have to fast for long but to just give your digestive system a 1 day rest.

You can call them and order or you can walk by:
+62 878-6113-5698
Jl. Raya Penestanan, Sayan, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia


Some options to stay:

If you look where to stay in Ubud. I would recommend to book a place close to the street: jl. hanoman, the street with all the shops and delicious food places and close to my favorite yoga schools.

My place: nothing special not fancy just a simple place, but with a swimming pool. Good price, and close to the places: Dewa Bungalows.

Another nice place is: Pondok Kutuh Guesthouse. A little bit more expansive, sweet people and also a swimming pool.

Looking for a very beautiful place but a bit more out of the center? Hati cottages is a super romantic place, its 20 minutes from Ubud center. Especially for a romantic trip this place is the place. Also nice that the owner does the tarot-carts, so if you’re interested you can do this here, or you can ask her to come to Ubud for a tarot session.

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